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On Friday, October 5th, there will be an event entitled “Day with St. Faustina” in the archdiocese Church of Divine Mercy in Kosice’s KVP housing estate in Slovakia. The day will begin with prayer at the Hour of Mercy (3.00 pm). After that, there will be Adoration led by Sisters from the community of the Congregation in Košice and at 5.00 pm, a lecture by Sr. M. Benediktína Fečova on “The spiritual childlikeness of Sister Faustina”. After the presentation, Rosary of the Seven Sorrows and solemn Mass will take place, celebrated by the new Rector of the church, Fr. Peter Sýkora. After Mass, the faithful will be able to kiss the relics of Apostle of Divine Mercy.

Such is the title of the theatrical play based on the Diary of St. Faustina and directed by Adam Woronicz. It will be staged on 5 October at 7.00 pm at the Shrine of Divine Mercy in Krakow-Łagiewniki, in the John Paul II Hall. The play revolves around, as its creators say, “the story of a young girl who leaves her whole behind her to follow the voice she hears in her soul. She enters a path where she meets Someone out of the ordinary, Someone who she will love with her life”. The following actors will perform: Aleksandra Posielężna, Karol Górski and Piotr Bondyra. The music was written by Daria Grzegorz.

The Sisters from the Congregation of Our Lady of Mercy would like to invite everyone to the performance at the Shrine of Divine Mercy in Krakow-Łagiewniki on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of St. Faustina’s birth for heaven. Admission is free.

The community of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy in Nižny Hrušov, Slovakia, will commemorate the 80th anniversary of St. Faustina’s birth in heaven. together with the faithful at the parish of the Most Holy Body and Blood of the Lord Jesus. The solemnities will start on 4 October with Vespers, after which agape is planned in the convent. On October 5th, after a prayer at the Hour of Mercy and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, there will be Adoration of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. The main celebrant at the solemn Holy Mass at 6.00 pm will be Fr. Štefan Albičuk, PhD. After that, there will be veneration of Sister Faustina’s relics.

October 5 (Friday) is the liturgical feast of St. Faustina and the 80th anniversary of her birth in heaven. The main celebrations will take place at the Shrine of Divine Mercy in Krakow-Łagiewniki, where she and her spiritual heritage have remained after her death. On this day, we will be giving thanks for the gift of the Apostle of Divine Mercy, her prophetic mission and all its fruits in a special way. Alongside, we will thank for the independence of our Country on its centennial independence. Masses in the Shrine’s chapel of the miracle-famous Divine Mercy image and the tomb of St. Faustina will be celebrated at: 6.30 am, 5.00 pm and 7.00, and in the basilica as on Sundays, except the Holy Mass at 1.30 pm. Prayer at the Hour of Mercy and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy will be recited at 3pm, as every day.

On the occasion of the anniversary, at 10.00 am to 6.00 pm, all will be able to visit the space behind the religious closure, were Sister Faustina departed to the house the Heavenly Father, and make thanks for the gift of her life and spiritual heritage asking her to intercede in different intentions.

At 7 pm, in the Hall of John Paul II, there will be a performance entitled “I am with you”, based on the Diary, directed by Adam Woronowicz and performed by Aleksandra Posielężna, Karol Górki and Piotr Bondyra.

From 9.00 pm, in the Shrine’s chapel at the tomb of St. St. Faustina, Adoration of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament will be led by Sisters from the Congregation of Our Lady of Mercy. The evening of grace and praise will end at 10.45 pm, i.e., at the hour when St. Faustina departed to the House of the Lord.

A traditional triduum of Masses with occasional sermons, which are celebrated 2-4 October in the Shrine’s chapel at 5 pm is held to prepare us for this solemnity.

Apostles of Divine Mercy from Poland and Slovakia will attend those events in a particular. From 1st to 5th October, they will be participating in a formative meeting with the word of God and the Diary of St. Faustina, under the lead of Fr. Krzysztof Wons, S.D.S., and Sisters of the Congregation of Our Lady of Mercy at the Łagiewniki Shrine.

The traditional three-day retreat for venerators of Divine Mercy will take place on September 28-30 in Dolný Smokovec in the Slovak Tatras. The theme of the retreat will be: “Only love gives meaning to everything” will be provided by Fr. Ivan Hupka and Sr. Benediktína Fečová from the Košice community of the Congregation of the Congregation of Our Lady of Mercy. The program includes: Holy Mass, presentations, prayer at the Hour of Mercy and Chaplet of Divine Mercy, communal adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, the Rosary and honoring the relics of St. Faustina.

On September 28-30 in the parish of Our Lady Queen of the Apostles in Royal Palm Beach, Florida, a Divine Mercy Conference will be held. Sister Confida will participate and will deliver a lecture on Divine Mercy, entitled “Who do you say that I am”. Other invited speakers include Fr. Chris Alar from the Marians of the Immaculate Conception and Franciscan Father, Stan Fortuna from the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal.

On September 26-29 in Malaysia, the 4th Asian Congress of Mercy will be held. It will be entitled “The experience of mercy and the joy of the Gospel in Asia”. The delegates will speak about the mystery of the Mercy of God in the writings of St. Faustina and St. John Paul II, God’s Mercy in the Sacrament of Reconciliation and the Eucharist, the Divine Mercy devotion, the evangelization of the young. There will be testimonies and communal prayer. The Congress will be attended by Sisters from the convent of Our Lady of Mercy at the Krakow-Łagiewniki Shrine. Sister Teresa De la Fuente will give a presentation on the Mercy of God in the life of consecrated persons, and Sr. Diana Kuczek will present a testimony.


September 28, we will be celebrating the anniversary of the beatification of Fr. Michael Sopocko. At 3 pm on squares, corners and intersections of the streets in crowded cities, as well as in other public places and at rural crossroads, people will gather to recite the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. The participants will pray for mercy for themselves, their loved ones, their homeland, the Church and the world, especially in the intention of persecuted Christians and their persecutors (for the forgiveness for them and the grace to learning about God). A list of participating communities with a list of streets where the Chaplet will be recited in Poland and outside the country is published at Everyone can join. The event is held to remind us about the message of God’s mercy that Jesus gave to St. Faustina. Just find a place at an intersection and recite the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, individually or in a group. If this is impossible – you can connect spiritually.

On September 22-25, Sr. Teresa De la Fuente and Sr. Diana Kuczek from the convent of the Congregation of Our Lady of Mercy in Krakow-Łagiewniki will provide relics of St. Faustina to Abp. Anicetus B. Sinaga, O.F.M.Cap to the Cathedral Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Medan. In Indonesia, the sisters will meet with leaders of the communities of the Apostles of the Divine Mercy in this diocese. In each of the sixty parishes, there is a community of Divine Mercy venerators, which meets every week, and every 2 months, meeting of the community leaders take place. They proclaim the gift of Mercy in hospitals, prisons, and orphanages, they provide care to the moribund, and ask for the Mercy of God for all those in need. The Sisters will meet with them to share the richness of the spirituality and mission of St. Faustina.

From September 1st, at the Shrine of Divine Mercy, in all the chapels of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy, and in some parishes, special evening devotions will begin in honor of Divine Mercy, with the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. This form of devotion was introduced in 1993 (after the beatification of Sister Faustina), to follow the monthly forms of worship practiced in May, June or October. The celebrations in September will include the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, recited or sung for the intention of mercy for our homeland and the world. September is the month of the revelation of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy by the Lord Jesus and the outbreak of World War II a few years afterwards. These circumstances, as well as the situation in the modern world, are especially urging us to cry for the mercy of God for us and the whole world.